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POEA License No.: POEA-154-LB-080118-R

In September 1994, MIP International Manpower Services was established to engage in the hiring and deployment of qualified Filipino land-based overseas workers.

Following the issuance of its recruitment license by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, MIP International Manpower Services embarked on an extensive program to source Filipino manpower for its accredited foreign principals, and at the same time commenced to develop cooperation with other licensed recruitment entities.

In November 1994, MIP International Manpower Services became member of the Overseas Placement Association of the Philippines (OPAP), an association of licensed recruitment agencies.

In 1995, as a result of the consistent recruitment performance of MIP International Manpower Services, it was granted accreditation as a Lead Agent for the Taiwan market by the Council of Labor Affairs (Taiwan) and since then, MIP International Manpower Services has served as manpower provided for Taiwan-based foreign employers.


In 1998, MIP International Manpower Services actively took part in the establishment of Pilipino Manpower Agencies to Taiwan (PILMAT), an association specifically directed at maintaining close partnership with foreign employers and the government of Taiwan on the recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers.

Sound management and commitment to qualify deployment has remained the hallmarks of the agency operations, and in April 2000, the MIP Building was formally opened, followed, a year later by ISO 9002 Certification by the Certification Body of TUV Management Services GmbH (Munich, Germany).

In recognition of its exemplary efforts in the recruitment process, MIP International Manpower Services garnered awards from the POEA as one of the TOP 15 Performers.

For over a decade (1994-Present) MIP International Manpower Services has recruited and deployed over twelve thousand fully qualified Filipino overseas contract workers and professionals for its satisfied employers.

MIP International Manpower Services maintains a complement of competent and aggressively committed support staffs that are well-versed in the recruitment process and demonstrate commitment to qualify service.

As a manpower provider, MIP International Manpower Services is fully equipped to respond to the specifications of our foreign through extensive networking with other partners in the overseas employment program.

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